International Forum of Special Education and Child Development

特殊教育與兒童發展國際論壇  (ISSN 2709-5509) 


Introduction 簡介

本刊於2019年開始籌備,預計以一年兩期的方式出刊。本刊物由國立臺北教育大學特殊教育學系與國立臺北教育大學特教中心共同出版。(ISSN 2709-5509)

The journal began the preparations in 2019 and was expected to be published twice a year. This journal was jointly published by the Department of Special Education, National Taipei University of Education and Special Education Center, National Taipei University of Education .


Introduction 本刊簡介

Aim and Scope 宗旨及範圍


The International Forum of Special Education and Child Development is a peer-reviewed journal by at least two reviewers that aims to develop the understanding of special education and child development. Original research, literature reviews and conceptual articles are published from a range of disciplines, including intervention, assessment and evaluation.

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